"Trusting in yourself"

     This is a perfect time for manifesting your dreams and taking steps into making them a reality.  Ever wonder why we feel the way we do about a career move, relationship, wanting to change our location or even have the ability to offer a new class?  Watch for signs that are pushing on you mentally and physically giving you information to move forward to make your ideas and dreams into a reality.


     Educate or seek out information and take steps to prepare yourself to become more confident.  Don't wait or look to someone else for those answers.  Find the right teachers who will guide you, find like minded people who support you, find jobs or roles that excite you and ask what do I need to do for preparing myself to be where I need to be.  


     We all hold the keys to our own destiny and its up to us to open those doors. YOU are WORTH it, YOU do DESERVE it.  If we hit a speed bump along the way jump over it and thank the universe for the experience and education.


                             Chase that rainbow with every intention of catching it.

Forecast for the week of April 14th--23rd.

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