Cupping Massage

Based on the Chinese art of cupping, this therapy provides simultaneous suction and negative pressure, resulting in the softening of tight muscles, lifting of connective tissue, hydration and blood flow to body tissue, and draining of excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways. The effect on the nervous system is very sedating, and you will experience a long lasting deep warmth and tingling sensation throughout your body during the session.



60 minutes  $90.00

90 minutes  $110.00

Massage Cupping Body Cocoon

Bring cupping to the next level with a Massage Cupping Body Cocoon, a complete body envelope that combines massage cupping with face lift and drainage. Specific essential oils that are personalized for your wellness enhance the benefits of the session. This therapy is wonderful in the treatment of high blood pressure, release of deep tissue imbalance, inflammation, chronic and acute pain, and overall well being and homeostasis.


90 minutes  $120.00

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